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Restore your tiled areas with our tile & grout cleaning services!

Most people these days feel busier than ever. There always seems to be an endless number of things to do, and you don’t have time to fit things like bathroom cleaning to your list. Luckily, with our tile & grout cleaning services, you don’t have to! We have the time to put in the extra effort and energy to make your bathroom and tiled areas shine.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services in Spring, Texas

Here at 1st Choice Carpet Cleaning, we’ve spent the last two decades in this industry working on perfecting a multi-step process for our tile & grout cleaning services. We put our experience and high-quality tools to the test as we loosen grime, scrub thoroughly, use needed treatments, and produce clean tiles and grout. The products and techniques we use are vital to ridding your tile and grout of the nasty mold, dirt, and grime that has accumulated within the deep pores of the material. Also, we utilize products that are environmentally friendly, so you can enjoy sparkling, clean-smelling tiles without being overwhelmed by chemical fumes.

Part of what makes our company stand out here in the Spring, Texas area is our commitment to excellent service. We combine our extensive expertise, quality equipment, and excellent efficiency to provide you with the best experience while having your tile and grout cleaned. In addition to tile & grout cleaning services, we also offer services in carpet and furniture cleaning, too.

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