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Carpet Spot Treatment, Spring, TX

When we perform a carpet cleaning service, we start by performing carpet spot treatments.

It’s always frustrating when you notice a spot or stain on the carpet in your home. Although there are some carpet spot treatment products available in stores, these aren’t always very effective, especially at removing certain types of stains. You might also shy away from using harsh chemicals, as they can cause damage and threaten the health of those who live in the home. At 1st Choice Carpet Cleaning, we can remove all types of stains and spots from carpeted floors. We specialize in carpet spot treatment, and we don’t use harsh chemicals or other products that can damage your floors or leave behind any residue.

Carpet Spot Treatment in Spring, Texas

When we perform a carpet cleaning service for a client in the Spring, Texas area, we start by performing carpet spot treatments. This step in the process allows us to target and treat tough stains, including those caused by pets and children. After treating the spots, we’ll then use our truck-mounted steam cleaning unit to clean the entire surface of each room. Our cleaning process also includes the application of a deodorizer to refresh the smell in the space. If your pets have left stains behind, we can perform a pet enzyme treatment that targets unpleasant odors. If necessary, we can replace the pad beneath the carpet, which can help in heavily soiled areas.

In addition to using steam to remove stains and grime from carpet, we can also use this method to clean upholstery and tile and grout. If you have questions or would like to schedule a carpet cleaning with carpet spot treatments, contact us today.

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