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Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning, Spring, TX

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Save yourself the time and energy with our commercial tile & grout cleaning services.

If you own or occupy a commercial building in the Spring, Texas area, you likely don’t have the time or energy to put into cleaning all those tiles and grout. After all, there are often tough stains, moldy pores, and grimy surfaces that require a lot of effort and the risk of hand cramps and sore knees. And in the end, you still might not be satisfied with your efforts because commercial tile & grout cleaning often takes the right equipment and techniques.

Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning in Spring, Texasa

You can say goodbye to the cramped fingers, bruised knees, aching shoulders, and lost time when you call us for our commercial tile & grout cleaning services. Over the last two decades, we’ve accumulated an abundance of skills, knowledge, and tools that we’re ready to exercise while cleaning your floors. We start by applying a pre-spray to loosen all that grime that’s built up, and then scrub with a non-abrasive brush, so your floor can be cleaned without facing any damage from the scrubbing. We then take the time to use a pressurized steam cleaning process on your tiles and grout to thoroughly remove all that gunk and debris.

To top it all off, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products for our commercial tile & grout cleaning services. These products will leave your tile & grout sparkling and smelling clean, and you won’t have to breathe in heavy chemical fumes.

Reach out to us today here at 1st Choice Carpet Cleaning for more information about our tile & grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, and more.

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